Girl Scout Fun is Getting a New Style!

Girl Scout Fun is getting a new theme, a revamp, and new content coming up!


Busy Life with Girl Scouts

Life has been very busy at our home, especially with leading Girl Scouts for the past eight years in our area, plus two years prior experience. It has been a wonderful experience and I have so much to share with you coming in the months ahead.

Do you like our new theme?

First, Girl Scout Fun has a new WordPress theme. It is much easier to read and looks great, at least in my opinion. Hope you like it better!

Revising the Old & Bringing the New

Next, I will be going through all the articles on site. This will allow me to make edits, add new ideas to existing content, and eventually add photos to the existing blog posts. I will also be working on adding new content for the New Year which is not very far away.

2018 is Nearly Here!

Can you believe it? I am amazed and can hardly believe Christmas is only a little over ten weeks away! Then, 2018 will be here in the midst of us!

I appreciate your patience of my being missing in action from blogging! I have been helping many, many girls in scouts over the past few years. Our troops and service unit kept growing and growing and growing!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep your eyes out for some new ideas, pics, and a whole lot more!

Would you like to make suggestions? Or, do you need help with some aspect of Girl Scouts? Please let me know. I would love to help you!



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