Tips for Fall & Winter Camping with Girl Scouts

Fall & Winter Camping Tips for Girl Scouts


Tips for Fall & Winter Camping with Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts are excited for this time of the year! With the cooler months here, many Girl Scout troops are preparing for Fall & Winter camping excursions. Here are some tips for Fall & Winter Camping:

  • Certifications & Planning Committee – Adult leaders and parent attending the camp outs will need to be certified and background approved. Creating a planning committee will help spread the “load” of planning for the girls’ outing.
  • Packing Lists – Create a packing list for the girls and parents ahead of time. Include needed instructions for the camping excursion to prepare the parents ahead of time. Create a packing list for the leaders as well, including food items, tents, crafts supplies, and miscellaneous needed items.
  • Back up activities – Having back up activities is important for a variety of reasons including weather changes, the need of additional activities, unforeseeable change of plans, and so forth.
  • Kaper Charts – Create a camping kaper chart which includes duties for all the girls. Parents can also help with other duties as well. This will continue to teach the girls responsibility while having fun!

Don’t forget the all time camping favorite for Girl Scouts – making Campfire Smores! Have fun with the girls and please let us know of your unique ideas related to Fall & Winter Camping with Girl Scouts!

Staying Connected This Summer – Part III

Part Three of Three for Staying Connected This Summer.

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Summer City Programs

Summer programs are usually offered in most cities during the summer months. You can check with the local libraries, parks and chamber of commerce to see what local summer fun programs are offered.  Often, libraries and parks offer day programs that are either free or very inexpensive.  Get flyers if possible, or make a list and discuss the details with the girls to determine interest.  Make sure information goes home to parents so the girls can get signed up at the first opportunity — spaces in these programs are often limited.

Girls & Camping

Camps are a wonderful way for girls in your troop to stay connected this summer. Girl Scout camps are offered as day and resident camps, so there is an option for every child.  The girls can learn to swim, canoe, sail, put on a show, learn quintessential summer crafts such as lanyard making — these are the activities that make memories! It would be nice if you can encourage several girls to sign up together to keep them connected during the summer.

Sharing Summer Memories

Importantly, schedule an “almost fall” meeting to share summer memories among your girls. Have a sleepover or a scrapbooking party where they can create pages featuring their summer activities to give them something to look forward to and to encourage them to stay connected through the summer months.

What Did Your Girls Do?

What did your girls do this Summer? Did you hold any special summer events? What fun field trips did you take?  We would love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment!

Summer Field Trips for Girl Scouts

Are you looking for some ideas for summer field trips for Girl Scouts?


One of the most cost effective way of planning a cool summer field trip for Girl Scouts is to advantage of the many local parks, nature centers and outdoor activities.

Nature Centers

In fact, a trip to a local park or nature center is also one of the least expensive summer field trip ideas for Girl Scouts ever.  Most parks or nature centers offer admission for free or for a small donation, which makes them an ideal summer field trip idea for Girl Scouts  and leaders who are on a tight budget.

Visiting the Park

A field trip to park or nature center can offer both mental and physical exercise.  Most have trails or walkways to follow and many will offer guided tours at specific times of day or upon request.  When looking for parks to visit, consider arboretums, gardens, nature centers, reserves, regional parks and play areas.  Make sure you check ahead to determine if food and drink may be brought into the park, or may be purchased on site.  Many parks have limited covered areas and water resources, so it is best to be prepared.

Other Field Trip Ideas for Summer

If parks or nature centers aren’t exciting enough for your troop, another great summer field trip idea for Girl Scouts is the various outdoor activities that are available in the summer.  These can be as simple as a trip to the beach or as complex as a hot air balloon ride.  Determine your budget first, and then check in to any discounted activities that may be offered to a group like the Girl Scouts.  Many outdoor activities that offer training, such as horseback riding or sailing, often are amenable to discounting for groups, making them an ideal summer field trip idea.