Tips for Fall & Winter Camping with Girl Scouts

Fall & Winter Camping Tips for Girl Scouts


Tips for Fall & Winter Camping with Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts are excited for this time of the year! With the cooler months here, many Girl Scout troops are preparing for Fall & Winter camping excursions. Here are some tips for Fall & Winter Camping:

  • Certifications & Planning Committee – Adult leaders and parent attending the camp outs will need to be certified and background approved. Creating a planning committee will help spread the “load” of planning for the girls’ outing.
  • Packing Lists – Create a packing list for the girls and parents ahead of time. Include needed instructions for the camping excursion to prepare the parents ahead of time. Create a packing list for the leaders as well, including food items, tents, crafts supplies, and miscellaneous needed items.
  • Back up activities – Having back up activities is important for a variety of reasons including weather changes, the need of additional activities, unforeseeable change of plans, and so forth.
  • Kaper Charts – Create a camping kaper chart which includes duties for all the girls. Parents can also help with other duties as well. This will continue to teach the girls responsibility while having fun!

Don’t forget the all time camping favorite for Girl Scouts – making Campfire Smores! Have fun with the girls and please let us know of your unique ideas related to Fall & Winter Camping with Girl Scouts!

Environmental Education Through Girl Scout Camps

Girls learn environmental education through camping experiences.

Environment Education Through Camping

Among the different educational activities that are organized as a part of Girl Scout program, the Girl Scout camps have become more significant. Those girls who participate in this program get a sound knowledge on the environment around us. The Girl Scout camps will create awareness on the importance of maintaining our environment and will teach some of the environmental friendly practices.

Cultivating Social Qualities

During Girl Scout camps, the campers are allowed to stay in troops, which helps them learn how to manage and become adapted to people of different backgrounds. This is an important quality that every person in this world should develop and the Girl Scout camps provide the best platform for those girls to cultivate these qualities at a young age.

Growing Girl Ideas & Plans

Certain camping programs encourage the girls to come out with their own camping ideas and plans. The ability to plan and organize an event successfully requires certain special skills and these kinds of activities are aimed at developing those skills.

Independent Living Skills

The Girl Scout camps help in developing some of the critical and unique skills that are required to lead an independent life. Girls learn by growing in new abilities, using natural resources, and adapting to environmental changes.

What are your girls learning at camp? We would love to hear your ideas! Please leave a comment below!