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New blog posts

Good evening,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their February! I wanted to give you an update on our girl scout blog and new website (www.therealhomeschoolmom.com). Everything is coming along and we have added some new content. The site and blogs are a work in progress – just wanted to let you know!

Here are some of the new posts which have been added by a young lady that has been helping me get everything going:

Teaching Girls Respect:


Teaching Girls Honor:


Benefits of Doing Service Projects:


Hope you enjoy and will take a look at the blogs! We also have a new storefront being created for homeschool products!

Thanks again,



New Blog Location


I am letting each of you know that I am in the process of creating my blogs on my new website at the following location:


Please join me there on new posts for girl scout leaders and girl scout families! I appreciate each of you for helping me with leaving comments on my blogs!  Please be sure to check out my new location and new blogs!  Thank you!

Thanksgiving Spoons

In my last blog post (or two), my picture showed Thanksgiving spoons the girls created. If you are interested in the pattern I found, it is located at:


They have some great ideas for quick and easy Thanksgiving crafts for the kids. Happy Thanksgiving crafting!

Thanksgiving and Fall Collage

Our girls created this simple, care free craft at our troop meeting. It gave the girls the ability to think about how to make a design using the pre-cut pieces for the season.