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What To Know When Learning About Air

The Girl Scout is an organized institution that helps the girl scouts learn about many things in life including learning about air. Learning about air might seem to be too obvious or common knowledge. But, believe me, not many people know much about air. This is the key reason why we have to be very keen when learning about air. Air is very essential in our lives but most of the people in our current generation fail to acknowledge the importance of this precious commodity that is free from God. When learning about air, we have to be very objective and specific so that we can equip the girl scouts with proper and relevant knowledge.

When learning about air, one major topic should be air pollution. There is massive air pollution in the world today. This has led to a lot of misfortunes and catastrophic occurrences to the human race. The rising cases of airborne diseases such as asthma and common cold are all due to air pollution. However, all this is due to the ignorance that we have about air. This goes a long way to explain the importance of learning about air.

Learning about air is a very wide topic. Apart from just learning about air pollution and its effects to us as human beings, it would also be important for the girl scout guide to teach the girls on some of the things they should do to have clean air and conserve the environment. As the future leaders of this world, these girls should have all the knowledge when learning about air so that they can change this world. The girl scouts should be taught about the ecosystem and the effects of air pollution to the ecosystem. They should know about the industrial pollution, the green house gases effects an also the pollution caused by the automobiles.

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