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Girl Scout Recycling Craft Bonanza!

Girl Scouts love to create!  One fun way to tap into that creativity and work on problems solving skills at the same time is by doing a recycling craft bonanza.  It is so simple!  Just provide the girl scouts with a variety of items that are headed for the trash along with scissors, tape, glue, and string.  Let them decide what they are going to make and how to do it.

The adult role in this project is to help problem solve being very careful to let the girl scout be in charge of the creation.  When asked you will offer suggestions or show a process or technique so the girl scout can complete the creation as independently as possible.

Here are some things which might be provided for the Recycling Craft Bonanza:

From the house:

plastic lids all sizes, shapes, and colors

old greeting cards

card board rolls from toilet paper, paper towels, and aluminum foil

old puzzle pieces

parts from old games

pieces of yarn or fibers

old fabric

small boxes

empty salt and oatmeal containers

empty small plastic containers like yogurt or single serving fruit containers

packing materials like foam or cardboard

drinking straws

CD’s and DVD’s

old magazines

From outside:




seed pods

acorns, walnuts, and  buckeyes

bird seed

Once they get the idea, girl scouts will build amazing creations with the discarded parts.  It is sometimes hard for girl scout adults not to take control of the process.  It is more helpful to everyone if the girl scout adult makes a creation alongside the girl scouts.