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Teaching Girl Scouts about Saving the Earth

In the current climate of environmental awareness, it is important to find interesting and engaging ways of teaching Girl Scouts about saving the earth.  You’ve heard all of the usual things: recycle, conserve water, don’t litter.  The list goes on.  But what would really catch and hold a young girl’s attention?  Young girls, particularly pre-teen and teenaged ones, are all about new fashion and buying the next greatest thing.  Focusing on this is a great way to teach your Girl Scouts about saving the earth (and their piggybanks) through reducing consumption.

Plan a Consumption Challenge
Before the challenge, have the girls journal how many trips they make to the mall or other stores each week and what they purchase. Add up the cost of the items plus the cost of gas for the vehicle.  Show them that not only is this bad  for finances, it pushes up carbon emissions, wastes resources and helps trash the environment. Most things we purchase at big box retailers are fabricated from petroleum products in another country, then shipped across the world, greatly increasing environmental impact.

Then, choose a day to begin your challenge.  After that day, ask the girls not to buy anything new for a specified period of time. Instead, they have to try to get it used, borrow it, use something they already have, or just go without. They should keep a journal showing how they accomplished this, and calculate how much they saved while doing so.  This way, they can share their tips and successes with the other girls.

Not only can this teach Girl Scouts about saving the earth, it can introduce them to worthy organizations such as Goodwill, and help them develop financial awareness that can serve them well into adulthood.

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