Girl Scouts Salvation in the Assembly Line

A few examples to help Girl Scout activities go more smoothly.


Assembly Line Activities

Crafts can be a ton of fun for an activity in girl scouts. But it can turn into a messy headache just as quickly. To turn this project into a fun activity you can turn to the assembly line approach. This way you can get the girls all going on their craft while sparing a majority of the mess and headache.

Set Up Stations

If space allows, set up a station for each step in the craft. This can even be as small as a paper plate with the components for that step. Be sure to show the girls how to do the craft yourself. You can even write up directions for each step and have it at that particular station.

S’mores Sample Process

Let’s use a s’more as an example (just to illustrate the step process). Each piece of the s’more would have its own plate. The chocolate would have a plate, the graham crackers would have a plate, and the marshmallow would have a plate. You would set them in order of how you would assemble them. After you show the girls how to make the s’more, you would have the girls one by one (or two by two if a station is big enough) go through each station and make the snack themselves. Easy!

Welcome to Girl Scout Fun!

Welcome to the Girl Scout Fun blog!

Juliette Gordon Low
Image by dbking via Flickr

Welcome to my newest blog called Girl Scout Fun! I hope that you will find new ideas here, and share some of your own!

This is my second year helping with the organization in our local area. Previously, I have helped with cub scouts for about four years. I am also an organizational leader for a small 4-H group.

I personally feel that the youth of today are faced with so many more things than we were as adults. When I was young and involved in scouts and 4-H, it made a very large impact on my life. When my home life was full of chaos (I will spare the details), the leaders and adults around me gave me purpose in my life. It made such a difference in my life, that one of my purposes in life NOW is to get involved and MAKE a difference. I am giving back what was given to me.

I love to guide and lead the youth of today. It is a joy to see them (and my kids) learn new things. It is a blessing to see them discover and learn. It means so much to me when they look me in the eyes with pure appreciation for the experience they are involved in.

Has someone made a difference in your life when you were young? How can YOU give back in a positive way today, what was GIVEN to you?

Consider taking some time to volunteer and help the youth of TODAY! They are our TOMORROW!