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Writing a Girl Scout News Letter Effectively

Troops need some kind of documentation of accomplishments and endeavors. A written documentation is as good as any. That is where a newsletter comes in handy. Newsletters are also a fun way of enhancing your child’s communicative ability. By producing an informative and accurate newsletter, the young Girl Scout will pick up on important communication skills that come in handy in life. The Scout leader of the parent could take on the role of a publisher as a service to the troop. You will need a little guidance but it is doable.

  • Find a template that is appropriate for the newsletter. If your computer has word processing software then that just makes it easy for you. Word processors like Microsoft Word usually have various templates for various formats and newsletter formatting is one of them. If that is not helpful, you can check online for free templates if it is necessary.
  • Take time to gather the necessary information from the Scout leader, the parents, volunteers and the Girl Scouts themselves. It is important to gather as much information as possible then decide what should go into the newsletter later. Also, while gathering the information, have a list of who gave you info so that it will not be hard to track them in case of the need for a follow up question later.
  •  While publishing, include the information about the purpose of Girl Scouting while praising the program for empowering the girls. The troops number, motto, where the meetings are held along with phone number of the publisher in the newsletter. Other things that you should include are the scout emblem, information about upcoming meetings, events and pictures accompanying the information rendered. The pictures could be of events and meetings; they should be of variety so that you can pick some candid pictures along with posed pictures.