Sharing Water — The Next Step on the WOW! Brownie Journey

Sharing Water in the WOW! Brownie Journey.


SHARE – As A Team

This session — SHARE — helps the girls continue to act as a team as advocates protecting water and keeping it clean in their community.  In this case, the focus is on educating others and inspiring them to commit to loving and saving water resources too!

Girl Planning for Meeting

The girls can plan a meeting to which they will invite guests that they can discuss their projects with.  The idea is for the girls to learn good communication and organizations skills.

Divide your group in to “guests” and “presenters” and let the girls take turns practicing meeting and greeting guests as they arrive and organizing them into groups or in rows.

Show & Tell

Let other girls practice presenting aspects of their SHARE projects and “show and tell” the guests about what they have learned about water.  When the girls have practiced and are confident with their presentation, make invitations and invite your actual guests to your next meeting.

Water Promises

After the girls present, let them pass out papers so that guests may write their own water promises.  Encourage guests to share their thoughts about how the presentation inspired them to take action.  Present positive comments about the meeting and let the girls see how easy it is to educate people and make a difference with a little planning and teamwork!

WOW! Starting a Brownie Journey by Loving Water

Ideas for using WOW! Brownie Journey in Girl Scouts.

Learning to Love Water

The first step on the Wonders of Water Brownie journey is learning to love water.  In the beginning of this series, prompt the girls to think about what water means to them and the world in general.  A great activity is to have the girls find food containers that have water as an ingredient and make a list.  The girls can also make guesses as to the water content of certain fruits, just to get an idea of how prevalent water is in our food system.

Ways Girls Use Water

As the girls think about the ways they use and enjoy water, encourage them to think about their favorite water place: a swimming pool, bathtub, spa, or waterfall are some good places to start.  Then, talk about the water cycle demonstrating water as a liquid and a condensate by making tea and having a tea party. Finally, talk about the importance of clean water to us as human beings and the need to protect our sources of this vital element.

Knowledge of Science

Get the girls to share their reasons for loving water and their new knowledge of the science behind it and list their top two reasons for loving water.  Along with this, they should be able to think about and carry out one promise that protects water in some way to earn the award on this first step of their journey.